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Iron Man DVD (Release 30 Sep)

September 6, 2008

Don’t forget new collection of Iron Man (2008). The new Iron Man DVD will be released on 30th Sep 2008 with Ironman Blu-Ray disc too.

You know you’re going to get a different kind of superhero when you cast Robert Downey Jr. in the lead role. And Iron Man is different, in welcome ways. Cleverly updated from Marvel Comics’ longstanding series, Iron Man puts billionaire industrialist Tony Stark (that’s Downey) in the path of some Middle Eastern terrorists; in a brilliantly paced section, Stark invents an indestructible suit that allows him to escape. If the rest of the movie never quit hits that precise rhythm again, it nevertheless offers plenty of pleasure, as the renewed Stark swears off his past as a weapons manufacturer, develops his new Iron Man suit, and puzzles both his business partner (Jeff Bridges in great form) and executive assistant (Gwyneth Paltrow). Director Jon Favreau geeks out in fun ways with the hardware, but never lets it overpower the movie, and there’s always a goofy one-liner or a slapstick pratfall around to break the tension. As for Downey, he doesn’t get to jitterbug around too much in his improv way, but he brings enough of his unpredictable personality to keep the thing fresh. And listen up, hardcore Marvel mavens: even if you know the Stan Lee cameo is coming, you won’t be able to guess it until it’s on the screen. It all builds to a splendid final scene, with a concluding line delivery by Downey that just feels absolutely right. –Robert Horton



Iron Man Helmet

May 10, 2008


Have you watched the Iron Man movie? If you children are obsessed with it then I think you should get them the Iron Man Helmet. This Iron Man mask is officially licensed by Marvel Comics. Its sturdy construction makes it a great collector’s piece, or it can be the topper for a seriously detailed Iron Man costume. It’s available at for $60 but too bad it’s out of stock. So, if you want to see detail and buy some, please go to Iron Man Costume.




It reminds of Magneto, can Magneto from X-men win the Iron man? Mr.rumor said that there will be a “Magneto Movie” in 2009.

Weekend Boxoffice: Iron Man Passes $100 Million

May 9, 2008

Iron man movie review
Fantasy Moguls’ Steve Mason has been predicting a $100 million opening weekend gross (including Thursday night figures) for Iron Man. And he was right.

Official estimates collected Sunday reveal that the pic grossed about $100.7 million over the three day weekend, plus $3.5 million Thursday night, for a total of $104.2 million. So much for the tracking! Women did show; the movie skewed 57% over the age of 25.