Iron Man Helmet


Have you watched the Iron Man movie? If you children are obsessed with it then I think you should get them the Iron Man Helmet. This Iron Man mask is officially licensed by Marvel Comics. Its sturdy construction makes it a great collector’s piece, or it can be the topper for a seriously detailed Iron Man costume. It’s available at for $60 but too bad it’s out of stock. So, if you want to see detail and buy some, please go to Iron Man Costume.




It reminds of Magneto, can Magneto from X-men win the Iron man? Mr.rumor said that there will be a “Magneto Movie” in 2009.


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One Response to “Iron Man Helmet”

  1. M:28 Designs Says:

    Hey I was just rolling around WP and saw this post. Item looks really cool. It’s not a perfect looking Iron Man mask but there have been so many different modifications and suit models that as long as you have the basic structure it’s all good. I’m going to see if they have it in my size head. Really really large. 😀

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