Iron Man (2008) Movie Review

Iron Man (2008) Movie Review

The Iron Man (Iron Man), the United States to publish the Marvel Comics, AMEKOMI appearance of a fictitious hero. Animation in 1996 that has been broadcast in Japan. 2008 live-action film is being determined.

Real name: Edward Anthony (Tony) Stark (Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark)

America’s huge munitions company’s president and one of the parents was born the son of Tony, 15, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of genius brain’s owner. However, his 20-year-old’s birthday his parents passed away in the accident and I immense heritage management and large-sized companies to get things right. Tony is president of his own brains with many new technologies developed to the next, when people break. On that occasion, during the height of the Vietnam War. Tony practical test equipment and recruits for the Vietnam visit was a jungle, where I accidentally stepped on a land mine, local guerrillas in captivity. Close to the heart. Tony has no much time left. However, he is such a genius inventor of a guerrilla chieftain in his eyes, instead of surgery for the development of new weapons to make the request. Live to accept the request, but Tony, and to develop new weapons to the likeness of the enemy fell swoop, and his heart pacemakers and PAWADOSUTSU, as well as prisoners of war were caugt, taken to the genius physicist Professor cooperation INSEN From development. During the last charge,last time in earning his thanks to Professor INSEN, PAWADOSUTSU run the success of the Iron Man Tony, who dismissed guerrillas. And he never wear armor to its home country to return. Later, Iron Man as a bodyguard to publicize its activities for the hero.


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