Iron Man pictures different armor (3)

The Silver Centurion armor…

IronMan Silver Centurion

The late eighties/early ninties version of the red and gold…

Iron Man Modern Classic

The Romita-modified version of the same, called the “encephalo remote armor” in the comics…

Tony’s version of the War Machine armor, worn briefly before faking his death and be placed in cryogenic stasis, leaving a new, customized version for Rhodey to use in his place, over a decade ago in IM’s comic…


The quasi-retro look from Heroes Return, after their time in the Franklin-Richards created “Heroes Reborn” universe, and in the Avengers/Iron Man relaunch from the time…


And the streamlined/tweaked version with different shoulder/knee portions and a few other changes….


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3 Responses to “Iron Man pictures different armor (3)”

  1. daniel Says:

    Best movie ever!

  2. jakc williams Says:

    very good this will help with my art course work alot ta x

  3. dailypop Says:

    Really nice renditions of these various armor designs!

    Have you noticed the homages to all of the different armors that has been going on in the current series?

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