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Iron Man Skills

April 20, 2008

Stark is a genius, with an advanced degree in engineering. He has shown great business acumen, regaining control of his companies after losing them multiple times, and building the holdings of his companies, increasing his personal wealth. When Stark was unable to use his armor for a period, he asked Captain America for training in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat and has become physically formidable on his own.


Iron Man Powers

April 14, 2008

For a time, due to an artificial nervous system installed after he suffered extensive damage to his nervous system, Stark had superhumanly acute sensory perceptions as well as extraordinary awareness of the physical processes within his own body. This is no longer a part of the character’s powers.

After being critically injured during a battle with the Extremis-enhanced Mallen, Stark injects his nervous system with a modified techno-organic virus (the Extremis process) that not only saves his life, but also fuses Stark’s armor to his body. This allows him to store the inner layers of the Iron Man armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses. Stark can control the layer of the armor underneath his skin and make it emerge from numerous exit points around his limbs as a gold-colored neural interface under-sheath. While in this form, Stark has technopathic control of armor and can suit up at any time, calling the larger components to him. Furthermore, the Extremis process has increased his body’s recuperative and healing abilities. He is also able to connect remotely to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers throughout the world. Because the armor’s operating system is now directly connected to Stark’s nervous system, its response time has been significantly improved. Stark also has a “phera-sense” which he gained by using information he garnered from the analysis of Spider-Man’s neurophysiology by the “Spider-Armor” Stark gave him and uses this to not only create his own ‘spider-sense’ but can also neutralize Spider-Man’s and create “false positives” in Spider-Man’s spider-sense.